Friday, January 21, 2011

My Craft Room

Welcome to my craft room. I hope you enjoy looking around and maybe get an idea to help you with your own design. My room was designed as a place to work, play, and enjoy. Believe me I do. I sew, make cards, scrapbook, read, quilt, crochet, work on the computer, listen to music, watch a good movie, but mainly hang out and enjoy myself.

I have a great closet to store fabrics, paper, shoe boxes filled with all kinds of craft things, and yarns for crocheting. I do all kinds of crafts and sewing projects. Crafters need lots of storage.

Stamping Station

A wonderful part of my room is my stamping area. I have my Close To My Heart Stamps in mini laundry baskets organized by the color of their fronts, which determines what they are. I still have my old ink pads as well as the new ones. Depending on what I am doing determines which ones I use. I store reinkers, older wooden stamp sets, and 8 1/2" x 11" paper in magazine file holders in the drawers. My husband put foam mats, on the floor for me to stand on to make it softer while standing and working. This is my favorite spot in the room.

Craft Room

When we moved to our present home, I told my husband one of the requirements for me to move was to have a craft room in our house. We had lived in our new home about a year before that dream was a reality. I watched craft shows, scrapbooking and stamping shows, and looked in books until I came up with a plan that I felt I could live and work in. I love my room. It is a little smaller than I would like it to be, but have no complaints. The only time it feels small is when I have more than one or two friends over, which is almost never. Seems people here just do not get together very often to craft, stamp, and scrapbook together. I hope by looking at my room, you may gather ideas for your own special room. I like to stand to work. So, one of the requirements was to have countertops on cabinet bases that I could work at. My husband built them from pine boards and plywood. They have shelves underneath with drawers at the top for tons or storage. He wanted to put doors on them, but I said no I want to see everything to make it easier to find things. I like white because they brighten the room and look so clean. There are flourescent lights over the countertops under the upper cabinets for plenty of work light. I decided how much space between the shelves at various spaces to accomodate what I was going to store on each shelf. That way there is no wasted space.