Friday, February 12, 2016

Back into Posting

 I have been away from blogging for some time now. The last couple of years have been extremely busy with work, home, and outside organizations. Also, just getting older and not being able to get everything done has made it difficult. I see other bloggers posting lots of stuff daily and I have no idea how they do it.

My aunt and I just started a blog about our Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. I thought, when I was showing her this blog, I needed to do better with mine. I do love blogging and sharing, but it takes time, especially if you are slow like me. I am not always good at figuring out the computer stuff.

We have been off from school 11 days this winter, so far, for snow. Staying home and not being able to get out has given me a little time to think about things. Also, catch up on inside chores. The snow really makes me lazy. I just want to read, craft, cook, eat, and watch TV. I don't normally have time to do those things with my busy schedule. I made Valentine cards for my two youngest grandchildren and got those in the mail. The first cards I had made in a while. I have resorted to buying cards. Yuck!!! Hate the prices. Got to get back to getting some made ahead of time.

These last few days we have really been looking for a Cockapoo puppy. We have found a couple in Missouri but not sure about getting one of them. We lost our sweet Roxy in August to kidney failure and want to be sure that we get a healthy puppy. Also, they are not cheap, so you want a healthy one. I have spoken with two different breeders and feel good about the one but not sure about the other. The one who has a female, the sex we want, has not been in the business very long. The female is my husband choice but I like the little male. His owner has a real business and has been in business for many years. I feel better about her. So, we aren't doing anything right now.

This fall I started using essential oils. Oh my! How I love them. We have found a few that we really like and that work for us. Lavender is my husband choice for sleep. I put it on the bottom of his feet at night right behind his toes and he sleeps all night. He thought I was crazy for trying it on him but he found it works. I am partial to peppermint. It has helped me with headaches and sinus issues. I have found several recipes on Pinterest that work. I am a little skeptical about ingesting them, but will try some that I can diffuse or rub on. Ginger is another favorite. I use it to help with nausea and vertigo issues. Love it. I signed up with Young Living and have found that everyone who uses YL believes that they are safe. 

I am going to try to do better with this blog, sharing some of my work. I started crafting and sharing here to help others. As a counselor, I know that sometimes people just need to talk about what is on their mind whether it makes sense or not. Also, they need something to distract them. As my aunt and I work on our blog, I hope to share more here. Our purpose in life should be to put God first. When we are helping others we are serving Him. I am a counselor because He called me to it. It took me a while to figure out just what  my calling was but am glad I found it. I will stay in this calling until He calls me into something else.

This first time back has really been scattered, I know. In the future I will do better. There are many things going on and not all is crafting. I will try to share more helpful topics in the future.