Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have always been a crafter and loved to sew. I saw a tutorial on you tube on crocheting berets and decided that I didn't have enough "irons in the fire" so I wanted to learn to crochet my own hats. I made several berets. Then a friend showed me a simple hat that she was making and I had to make one of them, too. She sent me directions. I haven't learned how to follow directions on my own, so it was a challenge. Thanks to my Aunt Agnes, I completed one and have decided to put a picture of it on my blog. It was really simple after I got it completed. However, I cannot get it on my head! I crochet "tight" and it made it kind of small. No problem, I will just give it to one of the children at my church. They will like it. I am going to work on another one and make it a little larger. Hope you enjoy the picture. I will let you know about my next hat and post a picture of it.

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